Pearly Whites That Wow: What Is a Hollywood Smile?

    Published 08/20/2022

    If you want a perfect, head-turning smiling, then you need to consider a Hollywood smile makeover. We break down what a Hollywood smile is here.

    There’s something better than walking along the red carpet, and that’s having a gleaming smile to show off to the cameras! When it comes to a Hollywood smile, it’s all about bringing pearly whites and glamorous grins back into style. 

    The term “Hollywood” is adopted when a certain look replicates those flawless celebrities or models you see online. There is nothing more perfect than a Hollywood look, and that includes a Hollywood smile makeover!

    Are you asking yourself: What is a Hollywood smile? How do I get pearly whites that wow others? How does the Hollywood smile procedure work? You won’t stay wondering for long, because we’ve got all your questions covered. Continue reading so you can know everything about getting the perfect smile.

    What Is a Hollywood Smile?

    A Hollywood smile is going to be the ideal dental makeover of your teeth. This procedure looks different for everybody; not all teeth are the same, but they all have attributes that make a designer smile.

    It’s up to your dentist to make sure your Hollywood smile fits your face perfectly. Typically, a Hollywood smile makeover consists of gap-free, pearly white, straight teeth. 

    What Is the Hollywood Smile Procedure?

    Having a dreamy smile isn’t done within a day. Your Hollywood smile makeover is done through two to three dental visits. You must meet with a trustworthy dental company, such as Queens Medical Center, to go over what your perfect smile is. 

    For instance, Queens Medical Center in Dubai goes through the following steps when planning a Hollywood smile procedure

    1. Consultation

    Before getting a Hollywood Smile, the dentist has to look at your teeth and make sure they are a good fit for cosmetic dentistry. This includes looking at your gum health, enamel amount, and signs of declining oral health.

    Your dentist looks at your medical history to check for allergies or other pre-existing medical conditions. For example, patients with diabetes can have unregulated blood sugar, which means they are more at risk. During the consultation, it’s your dentist’s job to make sure you are healthy enough for cosmetic dentistry.

    2. Redesigning

    What makes a perfect smile depends on more than just your teeth, it’s also about how your smile fits your face. The redesigning process turns your old teeth into an upgraded glamorous version. Your dentist will first focus on the front teeth to prioritize your smile.

    3. Preparation

    It’s time to get excited because you’re one step closer to getting your dreamy Hollywood smile! Depending on if you’re getting crowns, veneers, or implants, preparation looks different. Generally, preparation includes shaving down a thin layer of enamel so your teeth are ready for veneer placement.

    4. Veneer Placement

    Veneers are the most popular form of the Hollywood smile. Instead of worrying about how you’re going to fix every single tooth, veneers offer an easy and dazzling way to upgrade your smile. Not only that, but with the right medical center, you get veneers at affordable rates.

    Veneers are made of tooth-colored shells that have a strong enamel-like surface. They are customized for your face shape and cemented on shaven-down teeth. Once glued, your dentist cleans leftover glue and edits your smile as necessary. 

    At Queens Medical Center, our veneers are customized in our in-house laboratory to give you the most natural look along with better oral hygiene. Our dentists glue these ultra-thin porcelain veneers onto your teeth to cover the look of discolored, misaligned, or chipped teeth. Your smile is practically reborn with our methods! 

    Can You Get a Hollywood Smile Without Veneers?

    The Hollywood smile isn’t going to be perfect without the help of veneers. However, other dentistry treatments can help improve your teeth.

    For example, Invisalign will transform your smile without the need for braces. This gives you a straighter smile but doesn’t fix other issues such as discoloration; the Hollywood smile makeover would fix this in an instant.

    Other procedures to help improve your teeth’s appearance are crowns and bridges. Queens Medical Center uses crowns to restore tooth structure and replicate natural teeth. This method is usually done when you’re missing a tooth or having a chipped tooth. 

    The short answer is that you could get a Hollywood smile without veneers. It depends on how your teeth look before the procedure. If you’re someone who struggles with whitening, misalignment, and chipped teeth, then a Hollywood smile procedure is perfect for you. 

    Why You Should Get a Hollywood Smile

    If you aren’t convinced already, don’t worry; the Hollywood smile has more advantages than you think. Not only are you getting teeth that everyone will remember you by, but you’re setting your teeth up for a healthier lifestyle. You’re more inclined to oral healthcare when you have the perfect smile!

    But the pros don’t end there. Here are a few other benefits of a Hollywood smile makeover: 

    Straighter and Whiter Teeth

    Do you struggle with misaligned teeth? Are you a frequent smoker and struggle with teeth stains? A Hollywood smile can fix this for you with barely any effort.

    Having crowded or crooked teeth affect chewing, talking, and your self-confidence. With your designed veneers, you’ll be smiling wider than you ever have. 

    You Look More Youthful

    As you get older, your teeth start to get older too; grinding away for years results in your teeth looking worn down. Getting a Hollywood smile makeover will rejuvenate your facial features by giving you pearly teeth. 

    Goodbye to Gaps

    Having a gap is a huge crush on your confidence. It interferes with your smile and has health consequences. Gaps result in plaque accumulation, which leads to gum diseases or decay. 

    A Hollywood smile takes away the gaps and fills them with confidence. Say goodbye to your old life, and hello to the new you!

    More Confidence

    Well-done veneers will give you the confidence you’ve never had before. Not only that, but the Hollywood smile does more than fix your teeth. It enhances your facial features and makes you more appealing aesthetically. 

    No more being jealous of people with perfect smiles; you’ve got the real deal. Smiling is associated with happiness, and you’re going to be smiling nonstop after this procedure.

    Improved Dental Health

    People tend to forget that veneers aren’t always for cosmetic reasons. Veneers reduce your chances of decay and other gum diseases. They will also improve your everyday life through easy eating and cleaning. For patients who use all the dental products in the world and still can’t improve their dental health, veneers are a savior. 

    Drawbacks of a Hollywood Smile

    You won’t like a Hollywood Smile very much if your teeth are sensitive, or if you’re getting them done by a sketchy unreliable clinic. If you live in the Dubai area, Queens Medical Center helps you with this issue!

    Queens Medical Center has some of the most professional and talented dentists in Dubai. They are all board-certified and work non-stop to provide you with the best dental care. No matter if you’re looking to get a Hollywood smile, braces, implants, or simple whitening, we’ve got it all. 

    A certified dental clinic results in a happy patient. Even if your teeth are sensitive, trustworthy dentistry will give you the perfect smile without irritating your gums. Place your faith in a clinic like Queens Medical Center, and you’ll see your dazzling smile come to life.

    How Do You Maintain a Hollywood Smile?

    The greatest part about getting a Hollywood smile is that the aftercare isn’t too different from regular oral care. You’ll need to brush your teeth twice a day and floss. Practice these good oral hygiene steps to maintain your Hollywood smile.

    • Brush: Brush your teeth after every meal with a non-abrasive toothpaste
    • Floss: Remove food stuck between your teeth at least once a day to protect your veneers
    • Rinse: Use alcohol-free mouthwash to cleanse your teeth 

    Like any other teeth, veneers can get irritated if you grind your mouth together too much. Care for your Hollywood smile by ensuring you don’t grind your teeth while sleeping. 

    Smile for the Cameras With a Hollywood Smile Makeover

    The next time a friend asks what is a Hollywood smile, show off your pearly whites as an answer! Your smile is everyone’s first impression, so make an amazing one by getting the perfect makeover. 

    The Hollywood Smile procedure is painless, effective, safe, and customizable for any client. This is especially true if you’re getting the procedure done by Queens Medical Center.

    Queens Medical Center is a dental clinic that does exceptional cosmetic treatments in Dubai UAE. Contact us so we can set up your appointment as quickly as today!


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