Invisalign For Kids

    Published 10/08/2022

    Invisalign for Kids

    Conventional orthodontic appliances like braces have recreated kids’ smiles over the decades. With the evolution of modern dentistry, new treatment options have almost replaced traditional braces to overcome their drawbacks. Invisalign is an innovative technology to recreate your child’s dreamy smile. 

    The experts at Queens Medical Center will take care of your child’s future smile as we know that nothing is more precious than your kid. They will remake your child’s smile in the best perfect way. Here’s everything you should know about Invisalign before you start. 

    The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that every child get a consultation at the age of seven. There’s no exact age when a child should get treatment, but it’s better to have them seen by a professional early on. Then the dentist can see,

    • How their teeth are emerging into the mouth.
    • If there are any missing teeth.
    • Whether teeth are stuck.
    • Will the arch be enough for all teeth to emerge to the correct position.

    Invisalign First

    Indeed it’s a difficult job to make a child wear an orthodontic appliance. Surprisingly, Invisalign is one of the major milestones in orthodontics to recreate your child’s smile more comfortably with minimal discomfort.

    The Invisalign brand has specifically developed a product called “Invisalign First” to treat phase one orthodontic treatment. Phase one treatments include orthodontic treatments done for kids at the age of six through ten years old when they have some adult teeth and some milk teeth.

    While these treatments don’t do any active correction, they are important for numerous other amendments.

    Early orthodontic involvement can,

    • Prevent possible trauma to teeth.
    • Reduce the severity of the existing problems.
    • Protect the child from mental breakdowns due to inappropriate nicknames.
    • Prevent the development of future malalignments

    What problems can be corrected with Invisalign?

    The specialists at the Queens Medical Center can not only improve the appearance but also start correcting the bite in the early stages with Invisalign First. Invisalign is not just a piece of plastic. It’s an advanced dental device to correct the smile and bite even without tooth extraction and jaw surgery. They can fix the simple cases as well as the most complex cases with Invisalign.

    Forwardly positioned teeth:
    Kids are so playful that they are at risk of sudden accidental falls or hits and breaking their teeth if their teeth are positioned forward. So, it’s important to get the teeth in the correct position to avoid any damage to the teeth. 

    Mild crowding:
    Invisalign can correct the mild crowdings by reorganizing the teeth into the correct position in the arch. 

    Tilted teeth:
    Invisalign can straighten tilted teeth with simple tipping movements. 

    Open bite:
    You may notice that there’s a gap in between the opposing teeth when your child bites on them together. It may affect their biting and chewing efficiency. Invisalign first can reduce the open bite or completely correct it. 

    Crossbite is when your child’s lower teeth bite from the outside of the upper teeth. If identified at early stages, it’s better to intervene with phase one treatments using Invisalign as crossbites can progress and cause a lot of consequences. 

    Gapped teeth:
    Having gaps in between teeth may affect the appearance of children. Invisalign can pull the teeth towards each other to close the gaps.

    What problems can be corrected with Invisalign?

    There are plenty of pros of Invisalign over any other orthodontic treatment.

    Virtually Invisible:
    Unlike any other orthodontic appliances, Invisalign is made of plastic so that they’re hardly detectable by anyone else as they are transparent, and children won’t refuse to wear them due to their poor appearance.

    Doesn’t affect the child’s psychosocial well-being: With invisible clear Invisalign, no one will bully the kids for wearing unesthetic bulky orthodontic appliances. Therefore Invisalign helps to have a smooth remake of the child’s smile without affecting the child’s self-esteem.  

    Less Traumatizing:
    Invisalign does not contain any metallic parts like wires or brackets. So, it doesn’t disturb the child’s daily work. The broken wire pieces, brackets, or rough margins in traditional orthodontic appliances may irritate the gums and cause pain.

    Easily removable:
    Parents can easily brush and floss the child’s teeth or guide them to do so every day by removing the Invisalign. With traditional braces, it’s difficult to maintain dental hygiene. Brushing around the wires bonded to teeth is a nightmare. They cause more plaque accumulation around the rough parts. Moreover, it’s a huge advantage that the child can remove his Invisalign on special occasions without any effort if he feels like removing it. However, it’s important to have them wear it for the recommended time of the day. 

    Zero Food Restrictions:
    Invisalign has no food restrictions at all because the kids can eat and drink whatever they want after removing them. Orthodontists recommend the removal of the Invisalign only when eating and brushing teeth. 

    More Comfortable:
    As the Invisalign hugs the teeth closely, the child won’t feel even if they’re wearing them all day long. Having no bulky wire components makes it easy for the child to wear them without any complaint. Thus, parents can ensure their child is wearing the Invisalign enough.

    Less Time Consuming:
    It will spare your valuable time as it needs only a few dental visits. 

    Reduce the need for surgery: Early intervention will reduce the severity of a malalignment and progression of an existing problem. So, it will reduce the need for orthographic surgery in adult age.

    What are the cons of Invisalign for kids?

    As with any other appliance Invisalign also have a few drawbacks. 

    Need child’s compliance and parents’ motivation:
    No matter how comfortable Invisalign First is, it still may be an annoying foreign object to the child. So, a huge responsibility lies on parents to encourage and motivate their child to wear the appliance all day at least for 20 hours instead when eating and brushing. 

    Treatment cost always depends on multiple factors like the severity of the problem and the number of Invisalign aligners needed. However, Invisalign treatment is relatively expensive compared to other treatment options.

    It’s as easy as follows to achieve your kid’s dreamy smile with Invisalign at Queens Medical Center

    It all starts with you having a consultation with one of our Invisalign-trained orthodontists. You can verify every question you have and share your ideas in this session. 

    The orthodontist will next assess your child’s teeth and smile thoroughly and design a customized treatment plan to transform his smile.

    They will do a simple scan so that your orthodontist can utilize it to show you a preview of your kid’s new smile and how you can achieve it gradually.

    The customized Invisalign will be manufactured once you approve the plan.

    Your dentist will construct a digital road map to bring your child there using cutting-edge technologies.

    Every little movement in teeth is calculated from beginning to end, determining the exact amount of force required to move your teeth.

    Thus, the expertise at Queens Medical Center will make sure a well-planned treatment will take your child to improve their aesthetics and function.

    What happens after the Invisalign treatment?

    Generally, after Invisalign treatment of adults, orthodontists recommend wearing retainers at night time for a lifetime. 

    However, for children, your orthodontist might start phase two definitive treatment after the child comes to the correct age around puberty or recommend permanent retainers. Retainers ensure that the achieved teeth alignment, appearance, and bite will be maintained throughout their lifetime without any relapse. 

    In the second phase of orthodontic treatment, the orthodontist will plan definitive treatments not just to improve the alignment partially to reduce trauma but to correct it completely.

    Why should you choose Invisalign for your kid over any other orthodontic treatment?

    There are numerous treatments available in the field of orthodontics. You have to weigh out the pros and cons of every option before deciding on the treatment you choose for your kid. 

    There’s no doubt that children always deserve the best as their future depends greatly on the decisions that we make today. 

    So, you can always meet with one of our Invisalign specialized orthodontists to accurately decide on the fairest alternative.

    Braces vs Invisalign

    Conventional braces are,

    Aesthetically not pleasing and uncomfortable:
    As braces compromised a lot of metallic wire work. Due to unaesthetic colour and pain coming from the wire work, kids may not want to continue wearing braces. 

    Not removable:
    Traditional braces are bonded to the natural tooth substance so that no one can remove it when necessary other than the orthodontist himself. 

    You cannot expect immediate results with conventional braces as they are not fully customized for dental arches.

    May affect the kids psychologically:
    Long-term use of an unaesthetic appliance may affect the child’s mental health.

    Invisalign is, nevertheless, a better alternative to conventional braces. With aligner technology, well-trained orthodontists at Queens Medical Center can give your kids the most advanced, esthetically pleasing invisible braces you’ve always wanted to redo their smile the way you want it without hurting their mouth or hurting their feelings.

    Contact us now to reserve your consultation appointment with the best Invisalign-trained orthodontists at Queens Medical Centre in Dubai and safeguard your kid today with Invisalign.



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