Beyond Creams: Why Dermatology Triumphs in Scar Removal

    Published 11/29/2023

    Scars are a visible sign that the injured area of our skin is in the process of healing, and as a result, we frequently search for ways to make them less noticeable. Scars are a visible sign that the injured area of our skin is in the process of healing. Scars are a visible sign that an injured area of our skin is in the process of healing, which can be seen after a certain amount of time has passed. The use of creams as a treatment for scars is one of the many different treatments that are available; however, it is becoming an increasingly popular option. Nevertheless, going a little bit further reveals nuances that call for a more discriminating approach to the care of scars, and this is something that needs to be considered because it is important.

    The following are some of the potential drawbacks associated with removing scars using creams:

    Scar removal creams frequently make exaggerated claims regarding their efficacy; however, the fact of the matter is that their performance is significantly diminished when applied to scars of varying types and depths. In spite of the fact that they may continue to function on lighter scars and reduce redness, they may be less effective when it comes to older scars, scars that have been elevated, or scars that have been deeply established. When it comes to the removal of scars, creams should be viewed more as a short-term method of moisturizing the skin than as a permanent solution to the problem. Creams can also be used to reduce the appearance of scars.

    The significance of receiving specialized care from a trained professional for dermatological conditions

    After the patient sees a skilled dermatologist, there will be a noticeable change in the course of the scar healing process. The experts perform comprehensive examinations, paying particular attention to the type, location, and minute variations in each person’s skin. Any anomalies that are found are also noted by them. Furthermore, they document any anomalies they come across. This comprehensive assessment provides the foundation for the creation of customized treatment programs that are made to fit the unique needs of each and every patient.
    Some of the treatments that are very effective to treat deep-seated scars:
    Think of the DNA treatment as a skin-care elixir. Glutathione, growth factor, HA, and salmon DNA all work together to create magical results in skincare. revolutionary—not your average medication. This product repairs damaged skin and encourages the production of new collagen. It also gives your skin a deep moisture boost that improves the tone and texture of your skin. The reason this treatment works so well is because the DNA of salmon and humans are so similar.

    The Ameson Treatment is one invention that has the potential to alter lineups! This beauty employs subcision, injections, and a DNA-infused Dermapen. Things become more radiant when several techniques are combined. Which is the more thrilling one? Aim for quick results. During your first meeting, the magic may become evident!

    Next is scar treatment with microneedles and RF. Consider this a targeted method for eliminating persistent scars. Radiofrequency energy and microneedles are complementary. Microneedles gently puncture the skin, initiating your body’s healing processes. But RF energy works like a conductor arranging a masterpiece. Collagen synthesis smoothes scars and tightens the skin. This technique can alter your skin’s texture and appearance when it comes to surgical marks or acne scars. The best part? Radiofrequency energy is precisely applied to target scars, promoting collagen remodeling and smoothing.

    The Reasons Why Relying So Heavily on Creams May Not Always Be in Your Best Interest:

    The allure of scar removal creams as quick fixes can inadvertently lead to excessive use of the product, which can have negative health consequences. It is possible to apply creams to the affected area in a direct manner. It is possible that the product, when used for an extended period of time, will cause adverse reactions such as irritations or redness of the skin. This is especially likely to occur in people who already have skin that is sensitive. Additionally, relying solely on creams may cause one to delay going to a dermatologist, which may prevent one from achieving the best possible outcome regarding scarring. This is due to the fact that seeing a dermatologist as early as possible can prevent scarring. This is because putting all of one’s faith in topical creams could cause one to put off visiting a dermatologist for longer than necessary.

    And now, just a few final thoughts before we wrap up:

    Scar removal creams may be more convenient, but they cannot deliver results that are both thorough and long-lasting. A revolutionary new approach that can significantly lessen the visibility of scars is provided by specialized dermatological procedures, provided that these treatments are carefully planned and carried out by trained medical professionals. Having said that, this is only valid if the procedures are actually carried out on the patient. 

    Are you ready to begin the process that will ultimately result in a significant reduction of scarring and a revitalization of your skin? Are you prepared to get things going? Get in touch with our knowledgeable dermatologists as soon as possible so that they can assist you in developing an individualized treatment plan for your scars. If you would like to schedule an appointment with one of the dermatology specialists here at Queens Medical Center, please give WhatsApp us or call at the following number: +971 4 353 3101.




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