What is the best age for Orthodontic Treatment?

    Published 07/06/2022

    “Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.”

     – John Ray

    Smile is one of the first things that we notice in anyone. But all smiles are not perfect. One might ask us “What is a perfect smile?” The answer may not be same for all but we can say a smile with no misaligned teeth and no spacing between them is perfect. A perfect smile not only makes a person feel better but it also boosts their confidence. That’s where we come into the picture, “The Orthodontists”. An orthodontist can help you fix your teeth and give a beautiful and healthy smile. In the modern times we find people not only fixing their smiles for function but more so for aesthetics. Therefore, orthodontics has come a long way and can also be seen in adults.

    So, the question arises, “What is the best time for orthodontics?” There is no specific age for an orthodontic treatment. You can always visit the orthodontist if you want to improve your smile or function or both. But ideally it would best be treated when young. It’s always better if you visit your orthodontist at the first sign of misalignment. Treating them young is advantageous as the underlying problem can be addressed like in cases of forwardly placed upper front teeth or lower teeth being forwardly placed. In such cases we can use growth modification appliances which help in addressing the main problem that is the underlying bone. By removing the underlying cause, we solve most of the issue.

    Orthodontic treatment can be divided into three groups: Children, teenagers and adults. Treating young children can help them to avoid many problems: one of the biggest issue being bullied at school. But from an orthodontist’s point of view, it’s using their growth into our advantage and modifying the underlying bone. During this age it’s the parent’s responsibility to get the child to the dentist in case they noticed any abnormality in the child’s teeth.

    The second group would be the teenagers which makes the majority of the orthodontic patients. Teenager is more self-conscious and self-aware about their bodies and are usually the ones who find the issue in their teeth. They don’t need motivation to proceed with their treatment.

    Lastly the adult group, this group is currently growing due to the new technology being added to our field like the clear ceramic braces and the clear aligners. This is the most motivated group of all who adhere to all treatment protocols as they want to finish their treatment on time and achieve a beautiful smile as soon as possible.

    So no matter what the age is, we can always align your teeth and close those spaces between your teeth provided you have healthy gums and bones. It’s never too late to visit your orthodontist for improvising your smile.

    Farhan Nadeem (Specialist Orthodontist)