Smile with Style: Explore Our Collection of Braces Colors

    Published 03/05/2021

    Are you bored of your metallic braces? Did you know there are different braces colors? There are many colorful braces that you can choose from.

    You can mix and match to create your own color combination. There are red, green, blue, purple, or pink, the options are endless. 

    However, there are colors you might want to avoid. We will talk about tips to help you decide the best braces band colors for your teeth. 

    What Braces Colors Can I Choose From?

    braces colors

    Nowadays, braces are made fun with the new great selection of braces colors. You can choose from a color wheel that includes different beautiful shades of every color. 

    How to Choose Your Braces Color

    Having these new amazing colors may be confusing to you! That’s why we will help you to choose the best color by taking into consideration a couple of things:

    Compliment Your Skin Tone

    When choosing braces colors. You should take into consideration colors that complement your skin tone. There are colors that work with darker skin tones and colors that work with lighter skin tones. 

    For example, darker skin tones are complemented by blue, pink, orange, turquoise, green or violet colors. 

    Lighter skin tones should choose light blue, bronze, dark purple, reds, or pinks.

    Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

    Choosing the right braces color can help make your teeth look whiter than they are. Darker colors such as black, dark purple, and navy blue are good options. 

    If you are not a fan of those colors, don’t be afraid to try red or light blue to make your teeth look whiter.

    Sometimes, it’s better to go with neutral colors such as silver, grey, and clear colored bands. These colors won’t make your teeth look whiter but they will draw attention away from any discolorations on your teeth. 

    Additionally, it’s best to avoid coffee and tea to prevent stains on your teeth, or changing the rubber bands colors.

    Match Your Personality

    Different colors have different meanings in general, and can reflect traits about your personality. Here are the most common colors and what they can say about you:

    • Black: Power, elegance, and strength. 
    • White: Innocence, hope, and purity.
    • Yellow: Happiness, optimism,  enlightenment and creativity. 
    • Purple: Wealth, royalty, wisdom, dignity, and mystery.
    • Orange: Enthusiasm, creativity, success, and determination.
    • Green: growth, harmony, freshness, and good fortune.
    • Blue: intelligence and responsibility.
    • Red: It can represent power, strength, and courage, or it can represent anger or passion.  

    Braces colors

    Braces Colors to Avoid

    Although you might like a specific color, there are colors that don’t work well for everyone. Some may look great one one person, but bad on someone else.

    There are colors that don’t look well on mostly everyone. These colors include:

    White braces: They change color and can turn off-white after eating or drinking certain foods, especially coffee or tea. Which results in making your teeth look more yellow. 

    Black braces: try to avoid black braces as they can make your teeth look rotten or as you have food stuck in your teeth.  

    Yellow braces: avoid yellow braces as they can enhance the yellowish tone in your teeth. 

    Teeth colors vary from one person to the other. That’s why people that have yellow tinted teeth, better choose clear or silver braces. And people with natural white teeth, better choose black braces to make their teeth look even whiter.

    Ideas for Choosing Your Braces Colors

    Feeling confused on which color you should choose for your next appointment? We have some great ideas for you that can help you with just that.

    1. You can choose colors that go with your outfits. So go ahead, and take a look at your closet and the most common colors you usually wear. 
    2. If there is an upcoming holiday or an event, such as a wedding, birthday, or graduation party. You can consider matching your braces with the colors of the event theme or holiday such as Christmas.
    3. If you have unique colored eyes, you can choose bands that complement your eyes and make them pop.
    4. Spring is almost here, so you may consider choosing pastel colors that go with it. And in summer, bright fun colors, for fall, oranges or reds, and darker colors for winter.
    5. Show your support for a certain cause, such as breast cancer awareness month, which is October, by choosing pink bands.
    6. Choose your favorite color if you have one, or mix & match with another color you like.
    7. Show the team spirit, by choosing band colors of your favorite sports team.

    How Often Can I Change Braces Colors?

    Depending on how often you visit your orthodontist for tightening the wires, you may change your braces colors every month or two months. 

    So, if you get bored of one color too quickly, or you didn’t like it after putting it on, you won’t have to wait too long to change it!

    There is another alternative for the metal braces which is the ceramic braces. They are very similar to the traditional metal braces, and equally effective. 

    The only difference is that they blend in well with the teeth since they are made out of clear ceramic material. And the wires can be colored to make it look more invisible.

    If you are not interested in the traditional braces, there is another alternative, which is Invisalign. It involves the use of clear plastic trays to straighten teeth. 

    These trays are removable and you should  wear Invisalign at least 22 hours per day to achieve the desired results. 

    Eventually, if you are going to choose either of these braces. It’s important to keep up good oral hygiene, brush and floss your teeth after every meal, and clean around the brackets very well. 

    It is also important to visit your dentist regularly for check up and cleaning, to avoid decay, and keep a beautiful smile.



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