5 Reasons Why You Should Smile More

    Published 01/12/2022

    A beautiful, fresh, glowing smile is one of the most powerful human assets. It’s one of the most precious pieces of jewelry one can have and enhances your personality. It has the power to alter and better human interactions. Moreover, it makes your brain work better and improves mood. There is no reason not to smile as often as you can, but if you still need some, here are our top 5 reasons you should smile more.

    • It makes you happy

    This simple act release endorphins commonly referred to as the happy hormone. A recent American scientific study proves this as well. It shows that smiling can elevate one’s mood, instill positive thoughts, and be a great motivating factor.

    • Increases self-confidence

    It has been observed that successful people often smile more. This is to be expected as a bright smile can increase one’s confidence. Whether in an interview or on a date, a smile conveys confidence and makes you more approachable. This significantly improves interpersonal relationships, further improving your quality of life.

    • Lowers blood pressure

    Cardiovascular health is crucial to good quality of life. It can reduce your chances of developing heart disease. In recent times, a rise in lifestyle diseases such as hypertension (high blood pressure) is seen and smiling more has been shown to lower blood pressure. The simple act of smiling increases heart rate and oxygen consumption, followed by muscle relaxation, decreased heart rate, and thus lowered blood pressure. In addition, smiling often also reduces stress, contributing to better heart health.

    • Youthful appearance

    Smiling tones and tightens your facial muscles. The more you smile, the more toned will be your facial muscles. This gives you a more youthful appearance and reduces early signs of ageing. In addition, psychological studies also show that people who smile more appear more attractive and often are perceived as much younger looking.

    • Boosts immunity and reduces pain

    Did you know that smiling can boost your immunity? Given our times, who wouldn’t like to have a better immune system? Lower levels of stress mean lower cortisol levels (stress hormone), which ultimately means a better immune system. Moreover, the release of endorphins also reduces pain as it relaxes the body and alleviate soreness.

    If you don’t like to smile often because of how your teeth look, we are here to tell you to worry no more as we have various dental cosmetic treatment modalities to ensure you have the smile you have always wanted. Whether you have discoloured or crooked teeth, our wide range of dental treatments will help you attain the smile you have always desired. So, the next time, smile because it makes the world a better and happier place.

    If you have any dental concerns that are causing you to hide your smile, please schedule an appointment with us and let us help your precious whites to shine bright. Be it teeth whitening, getting fixed with veneer, crowns, Invisalign or dental implants, address all your dental concerns with us. In case you have any more questions, please reach out to us; our team will be there to assist you in your smile journey.


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