Unlock Your Brightest Smile Yet: Teeth Whitening in Dubai

    Upto 8 shades brighter in 45 minutes

    Brighten Your Smile

    Teeth whitening is a great solution for those wanting to get rid of the natural staining on their teeth. It’s very difficult to prevent staining, no matter how well we look after our teeth. This will restore your smile to its bright confident self, and make you feel proud to show off your pearly whites again! We chose Philips Zoom Whitening as it’s a quick and easy way to whiten your teeth within one single 60-minute session.

    teeth whitening

    Benefits Of The Procedure

    Creating a brighter smile comes with many benefits:

    What Is Teeth Whitening?

    The procedure involves bleaching your teeth to remove common stains, normally caused by foods and drinks like coffee, cigarettes and red wine. Teeth also naturally discolor as we age, and whitening your teeth can reverse this process. If you want to improve the whiteness of your smile, this procedure is perfect for you. This treatment doesn’t have an effect on the structure of your gums or teeth. A whitening agent is used to bleach your teeth, but can only be used on tooth enamel. Any bleaching products will not affect artificial teeth.

    What Happens In a Session?

    After one of our dentists has assessed your teeth to check if this procedure is suitable for you, we’ll get started! We’ll begin by creating a precise mold of your teeth to produce your custom whitening tray. These are made to ensure that you get even whitening treatment and no spot is missed. You’ll then sit back and relax as we place the whitening tray into your mouth with Philips’ low-sensitivity whitening gel. After 60 minutes, you’ll be free to leave with a brand-new smile and whiter teeth!

    How Long Will The Results Last?

    The length of your results can vary depending on factors such as lifestyle and diet. But because Zoom whitening is a gentle product, you can top up your treatment whenever you like. To lengthen the results, brush your teeth properly and have regular professional cleaning from your dentist.


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